Learning a language is fundamental to integrate and participate in the active life in Spain. Additionally, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Make fast progress with our Spanish classes for foreigners in Madrid, open doors to the country and enjoy its various customs, parties, culture and gastronomy.

In Aptitude Training we offer Spanish classes for foreign students. Whether you are a tourist, an immigrant looking for a good job, an exchange student or you need to improve your level of Spanish for business purposes, we have a customised course for you. With our innovative teaching methodology STEPS and reduced groups of seven being the maximum, organised by age and level, you will progress efficiently and quickly.

Classes 100% practical

Our classes are based on practical themes: learning to ask for directions to move around the city, ordering in a restaurant, signing up at a gym – daily situations that will help you to be immersed in Spain, face any situation and enjoy the lifestyle here.

Our STEPS methodology, guaranteed success

Learn Spanish with our exclusive learning methodology STEPS (Select, Teach, Entertain, Practise, Set Right). Every day we choose a theme or word and we work on the five skills in a practical and dynamic way to enable learning in a natural and spontaneous way through students’ participation.

Certified Teachers

Our Spanish teachers hold a specific certificate that accredits them to teach Spanish as a foreign language in addition to having wide experience in the sector. They are in charge of assessing your level (free of charge) in order to place you in the most adequate group. They will help you to integrate in the group and advance through practical and fun activities, apart from also keeping a personalised track of your progress.

Learning Spanish is not difficult if you find the right place. Spanish classes for foreigners in Madrid: Come and meet us at Aptitude Training and enjoy learning a language that will open many doors for you.